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Individual business owners have specific insurance needs and goals. Wine Sergi has provided insurance services since 1924 for a variety of businesses nationwide. Through that tenure we have realized that even the shrewdest business people cannot account for the many specific, yet imperative, considerations necessary for their businesses insurance coverage. In fact, many businesses are not effectively protected and vulnerable to significant risk, often unknowingly.

Identifying the most beneficial, protective and cost efficient insurance plan requires deep knowledge of your industry, business goals, associated risks and insurance options. While large-scale corporations can retain this specialized knowledge in-house, most businesses do not have these same resources. Not realizing there is a more strategic option, these companies often resign themselves to “commodity coverage”. There is a smarter way to protect and grow your business.

A Wine Sergi partnership gives you the confidence needed to take your business wherever you want it to grow. As your business insurance experts, we connect you with the most strategic insurance plan for your business. Wine Sergi specializes in delivering customized, finely detailed business insurance plans and expertise for small to mid-sized businesses nationwide.

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