Expert Benefits Consulting & Brokerage Services

Balancing employee needs and plan performance with your bottom line.

Saving money on employee benefits while still attracting and retaining the best and the brightest is a must in today’s economy. Soaring costs weighed against employee demand for richer benefits packages have increased pressure on HR departments and balance sheets. Helping you meet these divergent objectives is one of Wine Sergi’s strengths.

Facilitating plan administration while keeping you fully compliant.

When it comes to employee benefits, keeping in compliance with state and federal law can be overwhelming without expert guidance. Wine Sergi constantly monitors the ever-changing legislative landscape and acts as your trusted partner to help ensure compliance as we facilitate your day-to-day plan administration.

With Wine Sergi, you get strategy, service and execution. Combining advanced technology with our deep consulting expertise, we provide a variety of value-added, professional services that reduce customer costs, increase efficiency and improve employee satisfaction.

Our professional services include

We maintain a staff of in-house ERISA and employment law attorneys to keep our clients abreast of the changing and often confusing compliance demands. This approach allows us to control results and provide highly customized solutions for our clients, ensuring they remain 100% compliant, 100% of the time.
With extensive backgrounds in employment law and Human Resources, our dedicated team of certified HR consultants can provide your company with as much or as little support as you need. With a myriad of available services and deep expertise, we can custom-tailor an HR strategy to your unique needs.

A strong HR technology platform is the administrative foundation of any good benefits program. We recognize that every employer has unique needs, and that a one-size-fits-all system is not sufficient. Our HR technology solutions are intended to strategically support our clients’ technology demands, regardless of the unique situation. Whether we are providing an entirely new system, renegotiating contracts to achieve cost savings, or simply providing technology expertise and support, our focus is ensuring employers have the very best system at a below market price.
We advocate for our clients and their employees in a way that’s uncommon in the insurance industry. Our industry strength creates better outcomes for employees, and our local resources provide direct support with claims and billing issues, provider access problems and any general healthcare question an employee may have.

Our client partners have access to custom benefits guides and videos to assist in open enrollment. On-site enrollment allows us to engage employees by answering their questions directly and helping them get the most out of their plans.
Wellness and risk management cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach. The very best programs are the perfect balance of data analysis and program design. From coordinating biometric screenings to staffing on-site wellness clinics, we take the time to understand our clients’ unique circumstances and create wellness programs that generate real, measurable results.

Prescription spend is one of the single biggest drivers of skyrocketing healthcare costs, and the lack of transparency makes it difficult for employers to negotiate contracts and contain costs. Using some of the industry’s greatest prescription expertise and analytics platforms, we have the unique ability to assist employers with controlling healthcare spend, often saving as much as 25% on Rx claims.
The biggest problem with healthcare is a complete lack of transparency. Using powerful data analytics systems and financial management expertise, our teams can precisely determine what is driving employer healthcare spend and, more important, what to do about it. With our approach, we create total transparency, predictability and control for our employers and their benefits programs.

While the traditional broker approach is to pull employers from professional employer organizations (PEOs) or keep them from entering these arrangements, we want what’s best for our clients. Sometimes a PEO is the best fit. With more than a dozen preferred PEO relationships, we can help clients find the best solution to meet their needs, going so far as to negotiate contract terms and pricing.
We are a premier Globex International Group Partner. With our expanded network of more than 300 agents and brokers across 130 countries, we have the capability and expertise to support our clients on a global level.

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